Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 132 min

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The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York’s secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.

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A very cool and fun movie and if you are a fan of Harry Potter you will love this film it is in the same world as Harry Potter. The acting and special effects was very good and the story was great it held my attention from start to finish if you like magical films than this is the film for you. I seen the film in Imax format and it was very cool looking check it out today.

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This movie was fantastic! I loved every single minute of this movie. It was so magical and it was cool to be back in the world of Harry Potter. I love that they mentioned Hogwarts and Dumbledore. I got that Newt was in trouble for exposing wizardry but he wasn’t the only one if you think about it. I think out of all the beasts in the movie I liked the eagle with the two sets of wings, the snake bird thing, and the platypus hedgehog looking creature who stole shiny objects. I also liked the little green tree he carried around. It kind of reminded me of baby Groot. I do think it’s really cool that it was based on magic before Harry Potter. I personally still think wizards should be able to live freely among muggles…or the non-mag. The truth is that they aren’t protecting wizards. They are protecting us from wizards. Not all of them are dangerous. Just the dark ones. The special effects were amazing and the acting was fantastic. The imagery inside his suit case of monsters was gorgeous. I loved how he had different environments for the creatures. I felt like I was in the wizarding world again. I do want Newt Scamander’s suit case. It’s kind of like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag, except full of creatures instead of items. I think Eddie was the perfect Newt and that nothing could have made this better. I want to see it again. Go see this movie. You will fall in love with the wizarding world all over again.

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Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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