Vermyttya Erahn


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  • Birth Name: Vermyttya Erahn Edwards


Born in San Francisco,California, the oldest daughter born to Ifvon and William. Vermyttya and her younger brother, Kelvin, spent the first few years of their childhood living in Vallejo, California and Lufkin, Texas being raised by their mother in a single parent household. Early Life Edwards took a dramatic interest in music and acting. While attending Continental of Omega boys & Girls Club in Vallejo, California a musician by the name of Amos Carter wrote her first gospel song that she performed for the black history program. She was an active singer in her church choir. In the 10th grade, Vermyttya and her cousin Sonja formed a group. They practiced singing, dancing and writing songs every day, 7 days a week and on the side Vermyttya would continue mimicking movies and putting on acting auditions to herself in her room in the mirror. She then started going with her grandmother Gloria Chumley to AWOL Records in Fairfield, California. Meeting various artist such as C-BO, E-40, Killa Tay, JT Tha Bigga Figga, Laroo, Conscious Daughters, Marvelous, Lunasicc, Pizzo, Mississippi and many more. They both then recorded their first song with Killa Tay called,”Death or Prison”. Vermyttya took such strong interest in various occupations she was given the opportunity to learn other things. The C.E.O. of Vault Productions, Jimmie Weaver taught her in one day to run a studio. Which led to her taking over while he stepped out, recording Spice 1 in the recording booth. That was an honor to her. She had many goals in her and wanted to be great at them all. Vermyttya and her cousin started going their own ways. Vermyttya started singing background for various artist, staying in the studio and showing major interest in music, dance and acting. In the 11th grade she moved to Lufkin, Texas to where she met Curtis who introduced her to Mopped Up Records. Which consist of two groups ADP and NFC. (Alley Dog Playas and North First Circle), which later on signed to Houston’s Suave House Records. Artist consist of, Boss Man, DJ Omega, Sandman, Thug Passion, Orange, Boo, 8 Piece (RIP), Awax, Anthony Willmore, Fred G and K.G, The Hubb Brothers, Wild C (R.I.P), Cellyphone (Vermyttya) and others. Really wanting to pursue her acting, she later relocated back to the Bay Area where she ventured to figure out what career she wanted. Acting always played a big part in her life. She basically grew up acting in her own way. She found comfort in acting out different roles and talking to herself. No one really understood her and was often told she would never become what she wanted. She started having children and living a normal life. In February 2005 she lost her Great-Great Grandmother Algie McCoy and things seemed to go downhill for they were very very close and she was very much loved. Her motivation was gone and she gave up. In May 2009 her Great Grandmother Marga Chumley passed and she needed to change her life in memory of them. Listening to negativity she put her career and dreams on hold and worked regular jobs and went to school. In 2014 with her support system she decided to put in hard work and fight for her dream. The aspiring Bay Area Actress began a career in film in Rated “M'” for Mature (2011), as Prostitute #3, Directed by Bo! Campbell. Followed by Halloween 7: Bloodline (2015), as Princess, Directed by Turnup Taylor. The Bishop (2015), as Undercover Cop, Directed by Farah Dews and Kimberly Combs. Co-Lead as the mother of child star actress Natalia Metts (Chatty Tally) in Jacalyn Evone’s, Short Film, Leaping Water. More substantial roles followed, Sex Sent Me To The Slammer (2014), as Lead Role of Baabs, Produced by Indigo Films for Investigation Discovery. Beats by Dr Dre (2014), Colin Kapernick Commercial Vermyttya’s first big-screen break came in the beginning of 2014 when she was cast as gospel singer in a choir for a SAG-AFTRA web series, Someday, She (2014), originated by Creator and Executive Producer, Wanyee Leonard. Where Are The Fathers web-series (2015), as Abby, Directed by Wanyee Leonard. Dead End 2 (2016) and Dead End 3 (2016), as Cameron Crowe’s Mother, Directed by Jordan F. Ghanma. Hood Damnation (2016), as Keisha Smalls, Directed by Alonzo Chism. As well as a host of other films not listed. Current Life A natural performer, Edwards (formally known as Brown) showed and proved there are no limits to her career. Through many auditions many Directors told her to keep on acting because she had a major gift. That gave her the confidence and determination to rock out and set her career on a fast journey. Many tired days and nights and stress from being away from her kids. She sacrificed to give her family a great life. Also, including her children and ex husband in films. After an audition in Los Angeles, California she was invited to an invite-only red carpet event for Ocean Style Magazine in Beverly Hills, California, where she networked and gained a lot of exposure during her interviews and meet and greets of the hottest celebrities. Such as Anthony Anderson, Vivica Fox, Robert Riley, Ernest Thomas, Ion Oberman, Melvin Jackson Jr, Malaysia Pargo, Dale Godboldo, Cedrick the Entertainer and a host of other major talents. SAG-AFTRA eligible, Vermyttya’s determined to build a successful career, she has no regrets for the sacrifice and hard word she has done so far.


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