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  • Birth Name: Ricardo Guillermo Abarca


Ricardo Abarca Lowman was born in June 1st, 1986 in Morelia, Mexico. His parents are Hector Ricardo Abarca Medina born in Mexico City and his mother Yasmine Cheyenne Lowman, born in London, England. Ricardo’s career began when he started his studies in acting, singing and dancing when he was 13 years old in CECA – Centro de Estudios y Capacitación Artística (Artistic Studies and Training Centre) in his natal city Morelia, Michoacán. Two years later, he was part of M5 Magneto (Boy Band), a band which toured several countries in Latin America with a great number of fans. Three albums were recorded, with two platinum disks, many tours, shows and autographs sessions; M5 became rapidly one of the most popular Mexican bands at the time. In 2006 he traveled to Colombia for his first performance project which opened many more opportunities for this young actor who was characterized by his discipline and talent. He was a co-star in the popular Nickelodeon and Sony Pictures Television series Isa tk+ which was the first production of its kind shown in a Latin American private TV children’s channel. He was part of the series soundtrack and was nominated for “Kid of the Year” in Meus Premios Nick (the Brazilian version of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards). One year later he was part of Popland, a series from Sony Pictures Television for MTV Latin America shown in more than ten countries. Ricardo participated in TV series like El Cartel de los Sapos (The Cartel of Snitches) and El Capo filmed in the same country. In 2013 he was the lead actor in Cumbia Ninja a Fox International Channel (FIC) original series extremely popular in Latin America and different countries around the world. Cumbia Ninja broke audience records, positioning Ricardo not only in acting, but in singing, with three albums produced by the famous Puerto Rican producer Master Chris by Sony Music. The album won a platinum record in Argentina and the first single Ojos en la Espalda, interpreted by Ricardo, was a record in sales and downloads with more than 50 million views in YouTube. In 2015, he debuted in his first film lead actor role in the movie Que Culpa tiene el Niño, directed by Gustavo Loza (México), successfully breaking box-office records in the first week, being one of the three most seen Mexicans movies of all time in Mexican film. In that same year, Ricardo finished filming Pacifico, (Argentina-Colombia), a big budget sci-fi movie, which was filmed in Colombia, backed by the talents of the New Zealand symphony orchestra, directed by Gonzalo Gutiérrez “GG”. The professionalism and commitment that Ricardo Abarca uses, embracing each new project, has helped him to become a young actor respected and loved in the industry.


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  • Miss Bala

    Action, Drama, Thriller

    0 /10

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Trailer: Miss Bala