Karla Hernandez



Born in Salt Lake City, Utah from parents Michael Budd (American) and Mercedes Gamez (Salvadorian.) Although Karla was born in Salt Lake, she was raised in Central America. Karla and her family lived in El Salvador during the Civil War and then moved to Honduras, where she spent her teen years. Karla was raised by a loving and united family formed by both her parents, her older brother Steven Budd and younger sister Jessica Budd. They all went to bilingual schools and learned to love both the American and Hispanic culture. While living in Honduras and at only 15 years of age, Karla fell in love with a 16 year old Honduran boy, Luis Hernandez. They married shortly after and now live in Salt Lake City, Utah. They continue to be happily married and have three children. Karla began to peruse her dream of acting on 2005 when Talent Management Group in SLC allowed her to audition and signed her up right away. She stays busy with industrial and commercial work. During late 2007, Karla got her first taste of working on film. During 2012 she got to star in two short films “CZ-918” and “Emi Fenix.”


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  • Joe Bell

    Biography, Drama

    5 /10

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