Gabriel Oliva


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Gabriel Alexander Oliva
  • Height: 6' (1.83 m)


Not the average Spaniard, Gabriel grew up half in San Diego, and half in Seville, Spain. His first words were a “me gusta” and then shortly after “juice”. After being confused for a short while (so he’s told) he decided to stick to English primarily. But he still speaks Spanish regularly to his family across the sea who still have a hard time believing “El Pollo Loco” is a restaurant. After hitting puberty (a delightful experience by the way) he was quickly brandished with the moniker “Drama Geek” for which he was banned to Los Angeles forever more. So he then decided to donate some money and time, but mostly money, to USC where he graduated from their Acting program. Ever since, he’s been making a steady living acting, singing, writing, and everything in between. Gabriel plays guitar and piano regularly, loves his dog Archer (yes, named after the TV show cuz its awesome), and loves to laugh at inappropriate things.


Trailers & Videos


PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN - Official Trailer 2