Emily Holder


Personal Info

  • Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)


Emily Holder was born in North Kansas City, MO and grew up in Shawnee, Kansas (“No place like home!”) until she moved to Dallas, Texas in 2008. Since the age of four, Emily danced and played soccer. In later years, she added flute, piccolo, theatre, art, and other sports. She had found her passion on stage, but once taking classes for acting, she found herself falling in love with the film world. In high school, she did marching band and musicals/plays when she finally chose to fully commit to acting for the screen. From transferring to online school, working at an acting studio, and focusing primarily on acting she fully delved herself into her passion and life long dream of acting and the ability to show her creative side!


  • Movie Name


  • Freaky

    Comedy, Horror, Thriller

    7 /10