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  • Place of Birth Bucharest, Romania
  • Date of Birth January 23, 1990


I am incredibly random no one really knows what i am going to do next. I like it that way cause being predicable is boring. I am a very friendly person and love to meet new people.

Model&Actor Represented By MMG Management,NYC Fitness Fanatic
CEO/CO-Founder Of MatteucciFit 
Personal Trainer 

Press Articles

Dan Matteucci is hitting his stride…and doing it “His Way”.

By Frank Chille

Dan Matteucci, Danny Boy to those who love his ever-so-popular YouTube videos (and there are legions who do) has accomplished so much in so little time since he was last interviewed by KINGROOMENTERTAINMENT.COM…he has had incredible success as a model, actor, and everything entertainment.

The 27 year old fitness guru is now a regular on the NYC and LA scene and has appeared in such shows as LEGENDS & LIES (Fox Network),  MERCY STREET (for PBS), HOUSE OF CARDS, COPYCAT KILLERS (TV 1), EMPIRE (also on Fox), MAGIC MIKE 2 (Warner Bros)…and if you think playing an assassin, a cop, an agent for the FBI, and a male stripper is variety enough, think again; Dan has also appeared in commercials for Volkswagon, the U.S. military, and will be seen in the upcoming THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (the next sequel in the incredibly popular Universal film series). Not to mention a stint on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC…wow, talk about diversity!

So how did Dan do all this, so soon in an industry where competition is so fierce?

“I did it through hard work, and staying focused on what I want to accomplish” Dan said during a recent phone interview. “It’s something (acting) that I’ve dreamed about for many years, and I just need to go out there and do it. In this business you have to be ready to give it your all and be ready to move at a moment’s notice. If not, you are in the wrong profession”.

As mentioned previously, Dan first got noticed by making work-out and fitness videos on YouTube. He then progressed from there, doing some comedy vids, handing out personal advice, and also promoting his own line of fitness wear called MATTEUCCI FIT (his merchandising website which will soon be undergoing a major expansion this spring). Dan’s down to earth advice about fitness and staying in shape has earned him thousands of fans not only on YouTube but also Facebook as well.

“I’m very grateful for my fan base. They are the ones that stayed with me and encouraged me all along. When I’m working out, preparing for a film role, even auditioning, I think about those fans and how they have helped me achieve my goals in life”.

Dan admits to being a fitness fanatic, working out 7 days a week, at least 2 or 3 hours per day; and it really shows. He is as dedicated to staying fit as he is to modeling and being in TV & film. He looks equally great modeling both tank tops and tuxedos, which is why he is in demand in that industry as well. “Modeling is really how I started in the entertainment world, so it will always be special to me. Being in front of the camera…well, there’s nothing else like it!”. Let’s be honest too…Dan’s sex appeal is quite obvious.

I asked Dan if traveling all over the country ever gets to him sometimes, even if it’s for an industry that he loves. “Sure, it can get to you sometimes. But again it’s what I do, and it’s what I want do. I knew once I got into the business there would be hectic traveling and auditions and early shoots in the morning. But whether modeling a T-shirt or appearing in a TV series. It’s all part of the game, and I love doing it”.

Besides a new, expanded website, what are Dan’s plans for the future?

“Just keep doing what I am doing. Stay dedicated to my career, expand my film roles and seek out additional modeling gigs. I also want meet, in person, some of the fans that made this possible for me”.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates on Dan’s new entertainment website as well as an expansion of Matteucci Fit. There will be fitness videos available for purchase, a special Q & A section where Dan can communicate directly with his fans, a photo section featuring all of Dan’s appearances as a model and TV & film actor, work-out tips, up-to-date Matteucci entertainment news (including personal appearances in your area), clips of his YouTube videos, as well as a special section where fans can request private advice and private work-out vids.

Remember the name Dan Matteucci, because big things are coming his way!



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Model, Actor