Chuan Lu


Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 8 February 1971
  • Place Of Birth:  Xinjiang, China


Lu Chuan is considered one of the most talented young directors in China, and his films are known for daring and commercially successful takes on historical and social issues. After receiving a Master’s degree in film studies from Beijing Film Academy in 1998, Lu Chuan started as a co-writer for Black Hole, which became one of most-watched TV series in China. His directional debut, The Missing Gun (2002), a black comedy about a small-town policeman who searches desperately for his missing gun, was presented at Cannes, Venice, and Sundance. It won Best Script at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Best Maiden Work Award at the College Student Film Festival of China. Lu Chuan’s second feature, Kekexili, (or Mountain Patrol, 2004), won praised from critics around the world. Lu Chuan used his beautiful and tense style to show the heroism of the Tibetan volunteers who fought poachers to protect the endangered Tibetan antelope. The film turned Lu Chuan into one of the most popular directors in China with great commercial value in the Chinese film market. It won numerous awards including the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Best Picture and Best Cinematography at the Golden Horse Awards, Best Film (shared) at the Golden Rooster Awards, the Don Quixote Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, Outstanding Film and Outstanding Director at the Huabiao Film Awards, and Best Asian Film at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Lu Chuan was then chosen a juror at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Lu Chuan worked on his third film, City of Life and Death (2009), for four years. This epic film brought to the screen the story of the Nanjing Massacre by Japan during WWII in China. The director’s unique take on the massacre attracted over 3 million viewers and made $30 million domestically, making him the fifth director in China to pass the 100 million RMB mark ($16 million USD). It won for Best Director and Best Cinematographer at the Asian Film Awards, Best Cinematography at the Golden Horse Film Awards, Best Film at the Oslo Film Festival, Achievement in Directing and Achievement in Cinematography at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, and Golden Shell prize and Best Cinematography at the San Sebastian Film Festival. In 2012, Lu Chuan released The Last Supper, based on the fall of the Qin dynasty and the founding of the Han dynasty, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2015, he released Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, a 3D action adventure film which made $106 million USD at the Chinese box office. His newest film, Born in China, is a Disneynature feature to be release worldwide in 2016-2017.