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Blaine grew up on a small farm in rural Haworth, OK. Known for his compelling performances and artistic depth that he brings to his characters, you wouldn’t think that Blaine began acting at just 18 years old. He was actively involved in student lead organizations during High School, and was a member of his school’s dominant golf program. Blaine focused on golf for most of his younger years, even being recruited to play on the college level all across the U.S. He gave up his dreams as a golfer mid-way through his Sr. Year when he auditioned for the Premiere Program (A talent showcase), and finished as a top finalist 6 months later in July of 2016, out of 75,000 individuals from all over the world. After the showcase and graduation from High School, he attended Oklahoma State University for 1 semester where he majored in Strategic Communications. In January of 2017 Blaine moved to Los Angeles on his 19th birthday. Since the move he has been working non-stop in Film and TV and continues to book challenging roles. He has trained with a number of coaches and methods, but has since been working with coach Saxon Trainor. When he is not acting, Blaine enjoys exercise, the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. He has 2 older sisters, Tara and Courtney, and a loving family.


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  • Joe Bell

    Biography, Drama

    5 /10

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